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From local storefronts to corporations  – whether your customers are around the corner or across the world – we treat your Very Important Business as if it’s our own.  Achieving in months what takes others years, we’ll give your business marketing – and bottom line – an instant boost with a comprehensive digital marketing plan to achieve your business goals. We’ve worked with companies in a broad range of industries. Allow us to apply our experience to deliver results for yours!

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“When I called VIB, I was spending $30 per click and not getting any calls. They reduced my cost-per-click by 80% and I am getting more clicks and my phone is ringing. I’ve gotten so many new customers that I’ve had to hire several new technicians to help handle all the business.”

– Dave Parker, HVAC Technician, Philadelphia

“My market is very competitive but VIB has helped my company stand out. Their system works.”

– Mark Merritt, Insurance Agent, New York City

“VIB Marketing Agency worked market magic for our company. I expect to hear a lot more about this company in the near future. Their knowledge of digital marketing is amazing. They took us from the 5th+ page to the 1st in month one!”

– Ron S., Help Inc.

“VIB Marketing Agency provided amazing service and was very easy to work with, Thank You Very Much for the well though out and built campaign. You definitely surpassed my company s expectations. 5 Stars all the way!”

– Randall Faree

“My experience with VIB has been exceptional. I’ve never experienced better customer service. Rick is extremely patient with all my questions, and his team has reduced my AdWords spend while increasing qualified leads.”

– Linda Fitzimon, Marketing Manager, Iowa City

“VIB has gone above and beyond my expectations. Google advertising has driven a marked increase in sales, and everyone at VIB has definitely gone the extra mile to help me succeed.”

– Melchiorre Krauss, Medical Equipment Supplier, Jacksonville