As an entrepreneur myself, I enjoy my role as a marketing consultant, helping other entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their dreams. One of the most important considerations for every business owner is getting value from their marketing spend. A comprehensive marketing campaign relies on a few key strategies: a strong website, search engine marketing, social media management and advertising, email marketing and list development, direct mail, and public relations. Yet, marketing is a set of controlled experiments to determine which strategies will generate the most sales and awareness.

Verification Strategies

At VIB, our proven system relies on verifiable results to get the most out of your marketing dollars. The initial stage of working with any client is data-gathering and analysis.

Here are three ways to gather the data that enables you to make educated decisions about where to spend your marketing budget:

Google Analytics One way to figure out how your marketing campaigns are performing is Google Analytics. Installing Google Analytics on your site is simple and gives you a wealth of information about how visitors interact with your site: what pages they visit, how long they stay on your site, and which channel referred them. Investing the time to analyze this data delivers invaluable and actionable information that can assist you to improve the user experience and achieve more of the actions you desire a prospective customer to take on your site.

Conversion Codes Every digital advertising channel offers pieces of code that are placed on your website to track form submissions, phone calls, online purchases, downloads, and other actions that users can take on your site. Using tracking mechanisms such as coupon codes will help you identify the source of both online and offline actions.

A/B Testing This strategy consists of offering two variations on your content to determine which is more effective at producing a desired action. A/B testing can be applied to virtually any marketing channel, including website landing pages, emails, ads, and direct mail. Once you identify which content performs best with your sample audiences, you can release the better-performing variation to your full audience.

Invaluable Expertise

Implementing and analyzing the data that these verification strategies produce can be challenging for non-marketers. VIB is certified in Google Analytics, and we have experts in search engine marketing, social media advertising, and email marketing who’ve managed campaigns and analyzed data for dozens of companies. I myself am also certified in artificial intelligence for marketing, making VIB one of the first marketing companies to offer advanced business intelligence and predictive analysis to our clients.

When you choose VIB to handle the marketing for your business, have confidence that our approach is customized for your company and backed by verifiable data, so you can focus on delivering an outstanding product or service.