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Our partnership with you begins by identifying your business and brand needs, analyzing your data, and studying your industry. Solutions are rarely one size fits all, as different businesses and industries have unique challenges. We devise a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based) plan of action to achieve your objectives.

VIB’s solutions include a variety of disciplines, strategies and channels to produce optimum results through the synergy of efforts. Using descriptive, predictive and prescriptive methodologies, we leverage your current efforts and resources with VIB’s consistently proven system. This creates value both in the short and long term, increasing sales, brand awareness, and market share.

An effective Digital Marketing Solution is comprised of some or all of the following elements:

Strategy & Branding

Consider this your roadmap for success. We work with you to define an identity that connects with your audience and develop a plan to position and grow your business.

Digital Advertising

As an award-winning Google Partner, we’ve perfected the science of the click with proven strategies to convert customers at the micro-moment they’re searching for your product or service. Our intelligent systems are tuned based on your data to increase results and reduce costs over time.


We help your business transition to the digital era and adapt to technological market shifts. Whether you are just entering the e-commerce space or are looking to reach beyond your existing audience, we have a winning solution for you.

Web Design & Management

We design modern websites and landing pages that reflect your brand with an emphasis on user experience, performance and analytics. From end-to-end design to improving your existing site, we approach every project strategically to infom, persuade and convert visitors into paying customers. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases the quantity and quality of organic traffic to your website by boosting the performance, speed and visibility of your site for relevant searches.  With time, SEO can drastically reduce your dependence on Paid Search and increase return on marketing spend.

Automation & Email Marketing

Think extreme personalization for your sales funnel. Powered by real-time data about website visits, interests, and sales interactions, we create targeted and cohesive communications across web, email and social channels. Each individual receives information that is tailored to their stage in the customer journey.

Social Media & Content Marketing

Professional content and social media management is much more than an occasional Facebook post or blog entry. A successful content strategy builds an audience, delivers information that they value, and connects with them at an emotional, aspirational, and inspirational level. Approached in a cohesive way, content and social media drives your company’s promotional objectives.


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