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Email Marketing is one of the most direct ways to deliver marketing messages to your customers. After all, the average person checks their email about 15 times per day.

Marketing Automation takes email marketing exponentially further by targeting and personalizing the emails you send based on a customer’s interactions with your business. VIB Marketing knows how to maximize the impact of this powerful marketing channel, so customers look forward to receiving your emails.

If you’re not gathering prospect and customer data, start today!

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    Email Marketing Strategy and Execution

    When it comes to connecting with your customers, there is no substitute for email marketing.
    However, gaining access to your customer’s inbox is a privilege. If you don’t deliver value, you can count on those privileges being revoked.

    Every email marketing campaign requires having an opt-in email marketing list. Successful email marketing campaigns go further, targeting distinct segments of your audience with uniquely relevant messaging.

    At VIB Marketing, we approach every email marketing and marketing automation project with a deliberate strategy. We work with you to identify and develop content that achieves business objectives while delivering value to prospects or customers.

      Our Email Marketing Solution includes:

      • Email Design & Development
        We design emails that are an extension of your brand and pack them full of valuable content and promotions that generate a response from customers and prospects.
      • Email Performance Analysis
        If your emails aren’t seeing the results you’d hoped, our team will review your email marketing data and identify areas where you can improve.
      • List Building and Segmentation
        This process of collecting and organizing prospect and customer data is key to a successful execution of every email marketing campaign.
      • Customer Targeting
        Not every message you send is relevant to every customer. We develop unique messages so different audiences receive only the messages they want.
      • Email Automation
        Many email marketing platforms offer subscription and information-based automations. We set up sequences and automated email campaigns that send periodically to keep your brand top of mind.

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      When your emails are interesting, customers value them and, more importantly, open them! We’ll help you build an email audience and keep them engaged.


      Marketing Automation Strategy and Execution

      Marketing Automation is a modern marketing strategy consisting of targeted, personalized campaigns based on prospects’ past interactions with your company. Marketing Automation (Marketing Automation) is no longer just for Enterprise-level businesses and with a long buying cycle. The certified automation experts at VIB Marketing will help you explore a solution to fit your business needs, budget, and future goals. 

      Marketing Automation efforts start with an analysis of current email tactics, if any, and a phased strategy to support short and long-term goals. This first phase typically involves designing email templates and creating a few simple drip campaigns to quickly produce results. Combined with lead-generation tactics, this can be a very effective step towards nurturing leads into customers.

      Based on goals, budget, and the success of phase one – a secondary phase can then be implemented to add in automation, segmentation and landing page development. Personalization is the key to many successful business models, and the ability of Marketing Automation to remove manual work and to target customers based on behavior is simplified by the platforms we use. 

      We match your business with the best Marketing Automation platform to allow for ease of use and scalability once the initial build is completed. Additional phases can include data integration, deliverability audits, triggered messaging, lead scoring and grading, multi-segment dynamic content, and using Marketing Automation as a marketing hub.

      We customize the platform, manage the tools, create the content, and handle your database. We can also perform audits on an existing Marketing Automation platform, organize and manage your instance, and help build a strategy that suits your needs. Some companies invest in the platform, but don’t have the expertise to get true value out of the tools – that is where VIB fills the gap. 

      Our certified Marketing Automation experts can make sense of the technical elements and creative components, and create solutions customized for your business. Our certifications include HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, and extensive training in Maropost and Mailchimp. Another benefit of Marketing Automation platforms is that many include native integrations with social media platforms, CRM, ERP, and have built in forms and tracking for your website(s) and landing pages.

      Our Marketing Automation Solution includes:

      • Audit of Current State
        We will review your current email marketing efforts, if any, and suggest a customized strategy for your business needs and budget. Depending on industry, company size, content, and database, we will recommend a strategy moving forward. Our certified strategists will develop a phased approach, to avoid a huge upfront cost while focusing on ROI throughout the process.
      • Martech Consultation
        Marketing Automation requires technology, but we can start the process small and scale up, evaluate your current Martech stack, or move you directly into a permanent premium platform – all dependent on budget and needs. Our team is trained and certified in several platforms, so we’ll find the right one for your stage of development.
      • Platform Build
        We specialize in new Marketing Automation instances and in getting value out of existing platforms. Our team can train you in some of the processes along the way, or simply manage your Marketing Automation platform and report on key metrics at regularly scheduled intervals. We maintain well-organized and easy-to-manage systems that just make sense.
      • Content and Templates
        VIB Marketing has a team of copywriters, front-end developers, and content management strategists. We know how to make your message stand out and can develop all your copy and content or fine-tune what you already have. Based on your customized Marketing Automation plan, we will create a content development strategy that fits your needs and captures the attention of your audience.
      • Marketing Automation Management
        Once we build your platform, develop the content, and design your flows, we monitor your platform and adjust as needed. Adding additional pieces, scaling your instance, and reporting at regular intervals can all be delivered with ongoing Marketing Automation management.
      • Multi-Channel integration
        Most Marketing Automation platforms are built to integrate with various other digital channels. We can monitor touchpoints, qualify leads, alert other departments, and integrate with existing CRM or ERP platforms.

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      The success of email marketing and marketing automation is dependent upon having an audience of contacts who are interested in receiving your communications. Digital advertising is a proven strategy to drive traffic to your website and business, giving you opportunities to earn more subscribers for your email lists. Digital Advertising is made even more effective when ads link to a coordinated custom landing page with a strong call to action.

      • Digital Advertising – Pay-per-click advertising and social media advertising are extremely effective ways to promote your business online. Our Digital Advertising experts deliver above-average conversion rates to make the most of your advertising investment.
      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Over time, SEO improves your website’s performance in search results for the right keywords: the ones your customers type when they’re searching for a product or service such as yours.
      • Landing Page Design – Landing pages are designed to convey targeted messaging and a strong call to action in an engaging format. They are the best destination for digital ads and are very effective at generating new contacts for your Email Marketing and Automation. 
      • Content Marketing 
      • Social Media


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