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Take Your Company to the Next Level With our Data Driven and Precision Targeted Marketing Strategies

VIB Marketing provides data-driven and precision-targeted full-service Marketing Solutions. We’ve got the marketing trade down to a science.  We know if we do X, Y will happen – no assumptions, just verified, data-driven results.  The original career-proven founders are still present, meet with every client and are personally involved in the formulation of each of our prized-client’s winning solutions.

The VIB Marketing team has helped hundreds of companies take their marketing game to the next level. We offer comprehensive Marketing Solutions that include everything you need to succeed.  From Website Development, Content and SEO to Social Media, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Automation & Email Marketing, we have got you covered.  You focus on your company and leave the marketing to us.

Our expertise, data-driven system and passion for our craft is why VIB Marketing is the best choice for multi-faceted, omnichannel digital Marketing Solutions that consistently deliver premium results/return on investment that very few can match. We have the video testimonials and data to prove it.

Our Most Popular Solution

We offer many Marketing Solutions that regularly break records for our clients.  Our most popular customized digital marketing solution is comprised of Website Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (SEM).  This powerful solution offers instantaneous results and profitability with SEM, with the long-term goal being to aggressively reduce your dependence on advertising with the power of our SEO.

One of our most recent case studies showcases how our Marketing Solution quadrupled the size of a client’s company while reducing ad spend by over 80% over the course of several years. Another client utilizing SEO, website management and Google Shopping Campaigns had a record breaking month – the best month on record in what was historically their worst month. We have many stories like this that we now refer to such extraordinary results as the VIB Effect.

VIB Marketing is a creative and trusted Digital Marketing Agency that does not rely on assumptions and empty promises to attract new clients. Instead, VIB utilizes deep, proven marketing knowledge, data, the most modern tools and strategies including our own Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to drive potential customers to our site and keep existing clients happy.

We serve all industries.  We have the experience and passionate, multi-disciplined team required to formulate and manage data-driven, multi-faceted marketing solutions regardless of the size of company or industry.  From research, analytics, strategy to websites, advertising and automation, we have the capabilities to serve as your full-service outsourced marketing team.

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    Now more than ever you must take action to ensure you are found when it matters most. Our proven and highly skilled SEO specialists know how to get you on top of the first page and keep you there.


    How to Choose a Marketing Agency 

    Be careful when choosing a Marketing Agency to work with.  Many agencies offer a one-size-fits-all solution, providing a generic strategy and website. Odds are you will not stand out and you’ll fall short of your goals, plus they probably sold the same marketing strategy and website to your competition.

    The founders of VIB Marketing meet with you and produce a custom-tailored Marketing Solution that aligns with your business’ unique needs.  Our goal is to be no different as an inhouse marketing department, an extension of your team that shares your goals and understands your market, instead of a marketing agency that executes marketing strategies blindly.

    Passion is another quality that separates VIB Marketing from many other agencies that use false promises and cheap prices to sell you, only to miserably fail to execute and not deliver premium ROI. Everyone at VIB Marketing is passionate and proven. We cherish and honor our relationships with clients.  It is due to our relationships, the ultra-high quality of our services and verified results, that we still have our first client and acquire a large proportion of our clients from very satisfied referrals.

    Our powerful Marketing Solutions leverage your data with our proven knowledge and tools to consistently provide optimum verified results and Return on Investment (ROI). Beyond that, our system is intelligent: it uses conversion, analytics, and pixel tracking codes to learn and improve based on your data. We are so confident that we will reach your marketing goals and we earn your business daily that we offer month-to-month pricing. Our experience puts you on the fast track to success and profitability.

    Below you can find the full selection of Digital Marketing Services that VIB Marketing offers.  Contact us today to schedule your consultation and learn more about how we can help you take your business to the next level and beyond.

    How Digital Marketing Solutions and Services Grow Your Business

    VIB Marketing’s Digital Marketing Solutions offer companies an opportunity to market their brands and verify results and profit effectively and economically. From start-ups to enterprise-level to franchises, a digital marketing agency such as VIB Marketing greatly amplifies the pace at which you increase your reach and scale your company. Hiring a trustworthy and proven marketing agency increases the probability and ease of maintaining optimal relationships with your customers. A well-managed digital marketing presence and marketing campaign ensures your customers will always be able to easily find you.

    VIB Marketing has been helping businesses succeed and take their marketing to the next level since 2001.  In that time, they have helped hundreds of companies. The knowledge and expertise they have acquired over the last 20 years affords their clients great gains in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

    The Magic of Micro-Moments

    Engage your target customers on the right platform at the exact time they are looking for your service or product.

    VIB’s Digital Marketing Services

    Take Your Brand to the Next Level | Become the Leader in Your Field | Maximize Profitability (ROI)

    Our prized Marketing Solutions are comprised of the Digital Marketing Services found below. Services can also be managed separately.


    Our SEO service will drastically increase your website’s organic ranking to get you to the top of the search results. Our team of proven SEO experts employ the top practices, including competitive research, white hat and Web 2.0 to increase the power and results of your SEO to and get you to the top of the first page as quickly as possible. Our Internet Marketing Specialists perform on and offsite optimization.

    Normally, the first two months are focused on the website and all following months efforts are focused offsite, on backlinks, mapping, identifying and activating touchpoints within your customer’s journey, etc. Our SEO service not only gets you to the top of search results but also increases leads and traffic to your site while reducing cost per conversion.

    SEO is generally offered and recommended as part of our Outsourced Marketing Solution.  SEO results are verified monthly with a report that details your rank changes.


      Make sure your Franchise shines and stays on top of search results with our SEO Services for Franchises. Your brand needs to be professionally managed. Our proven SEO Specialists formulate custom-tailored SEO plans that focus on your targeted segments and respect your service area.

      Franchise SEO service includes optimization of your business’ listings, geo-tagged pages on your website, backlinks, web 2.0, analytics, onsite/offsite, obtain and manage reviews, and blog posts. Our Franchise SEO service keeps your brand and reputation professionally polished while managing your organic ranking to get and keep you on top. Franchise SEO service results are verified monthly with a report that details your rank changes.


        We got our start in local SEO over 20 years ago. Nearly 90% of potential customers that search for local businesses like yours online will visit or call in 24 hours or less – Local SEO is Vital to Your Long-Term Success.

        Local SEO is one of the most economical marketing services you can use. Be found, organically, on top of the first page of search results and in Google’s My Business Digital Directory and reduce dependence on Search Engine Marketing. Make sure your competition is not taking your spot, traffic, customers and, ultimately, eating your lunch.

        Unlike SEM, the results are not instantaneous. It may take 3-5 months to see positive, sustained ranking results. Local SEO includes Google My Business Management, Onsite/Offsite SEO, Analytics and Reporting. SEO Service results are verified monthly with a report that details your rank changes.


          VIB Marketing creates custom, responsive and mobile-friendly websites that are SEO optimized and tuned to ensure premium, verifiable results. We have created sites for Fortune 100-serving companies.

          Our websites are optimized for user experience, sales funnels and clear calls to action (CTAs), with simple and clean layouts and experiences. All websites come with competitive/SEO research, persona development, analytics/conversion code(s) and social media integration.

          Data from multiple sources is used to tune our websites to ensure organic ranking algorithm requirements are met, an exceptional customer experience, strategic interaction, and, ultimately, profitability (ROI). Monthly management can be purchased separately.


            Take your Conversion and Targeting capability to the next level while amplifying your customer’s experience and engagement with Custom Web Design. Our proven Web Design Specialists create niche websites on multiple platforms including WordPress that are ADA compliant. The project starts with extensive research including keyword, competitive and industry. Based on the research and your preferences, we design and build your one-of-a-kind website with as few or as many functions as you need.

            Our sites are optimized for user experience, sales funnels and clear calls to action (CTAs), with simple and clean layouts and experiences. All websites come with competitive/SEO research, persona development, analytics/conversion code(s) and social media integration.

            Data from multiple sources is used to tune our websites to ensure organic ranking algorithm requirements are met, an exceptional customer experience, strategic interaction, and, ultimately, profitability (ROI). Monthly management can be purchased separately. This service is designed to provide high-performance websites that are custom coded, unique and ultra-professional.


              A well-built E-commerce website with an optimized checkout can experience a conversion gain of 35%, according to a study published by the Baymard Institute. Our E-commerce Web Design Specialists create stunning, data-driven E commerce websites with optimized checkouts, that sell and keep your customers coming back.

              Our sites are designed with performance and SEO in focus from the very beginning. We are experienced with Shopify, WooCommerce, Big Commerce, Magento, and Custom E-commerce Development and Management.

              All our sites include analytics installation. For the best results, website design is combined with SEO and SEM to maximize profit and reach.


                We’ve been managing social media for business since its inception. Engage and grow your audience and market share with Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google My Business. We create and manage custom social media strategies and campaigns that get you business while increasing likes, followers and engagement.

                We create benchmarks and goals based on your specific needs. Data from tracking pixels and analytics is utilized to formulate, execute and manage customized strategies and campaigns for social media brand management and paid advertising.

                ADA COMPLIANCE

                What is ADA Compliance? The Department of Justice (DOJ) published the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design in September 2010. These standards state that all electronic and information technology must be accessible to people with disabilities. If your website isn’t ADA compliant, you can run into very serious and costly consequences. Web accessibility litigation continues to steadily grow. General trends show an increase in lawsuits filed in federal courts and state courts. An ADA lawsuit can easily cost over $20,000 plus attorney fees.

                Our ADA Compliance Specialists will ensure your website is ADA compliant and safe from litigation. Our work has been verified and approved by an ADA lawyer.


                Social Media has become mature and monetized. Gone are the days of free audience-building that Social Media was known for in the beginning. In this pay-to-play system, strategically managing your social media page consistently with content that your audience values is worthless unless you have a targeted stream of relevant new viewers digesting, appreciating, interacting and sharing it.
                Our Social Media Specialists use your data to develop strategic objectives and custom social media advertising campaigns that achieve your goals in a verified and precision-targeted manner.

                Need a more-relevant audience that reduces your cost per conversion or a larger audience, more likes, shares and leads from your Social Media? VIB Marketing has you covered with our proven Social Media Advertising Service.


                Pay-Per-Click (PPC) also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of our most powerful marketing tools that offers the quickest path to profit and valuable data/insights. We manage Search, Display, Shopping and Video advertising campaigns on the most-popular PPC/SEM platforms, such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, and YouTube.

                Part of what makes VIB Marketing’s PPC so awesome is how we use it to target micro-moments. Micro-moments occur when a potential client has a need for your service or product and searches for it on the Internet. We target those moments with strategically placed ads along the customer’s journey. When you provide the solution to their need at exactly the time they need you and are primed to act, visitors become customers.

                With the help of your data from analytics and conversion codes, we develop intelligent campaigns that use AI and machine learning to constantly learn and tune to ensure premium results and ROI in a verifiable manner.

                We create and optimize ad landing pages based on your data to ensure the lowest cost per conversion and highest conversion rate. We have managed over $2 Million in PPC/SEM ads. Let our deep, proven experience put you on the fast track to success.

                Our most-successful clients pair SEM with SEO for the best results. SEM gives you instant boost and profitability while SEO provides natural, sustained ranking, with the goal of being on top of the first page. With time, SEO can drastically reduce the need for SEM due to organic traffic derived from being on top in a prominent, and profitable, position in search engine results. PPC Service results are verified monthly with a report.


                If your website is getting traffic but it’s not converting to sales and profit, you need our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) service. Our proven Conversion Specialists use your data and needs to create intelligent click funnels and landing pages that are designed to drastically increase your conversion ability and profitability.

                We’ll optimize and tune your website based on your analytics and conversion data, enhance your User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), and make sure you appear prominently for mobile and voice searches.

                VIDEO PRODUCTION

                Videos for marketing are one of the fastest-growing media to reach, educate, interact, motivate, and mobilize an audience. The best way to elevate your brand to the next level and maximize your influence is with a well-told story via video. Emotion is what triggers action, not data.

                Video allows you to stand out and engage your customers like never before. Video also allows you to provide a five-star experience. Part of a five-star service is ensuring all customers receive the same experience. You can use video to ensure customers receive the same welcome on your site as they would in a brick and mortar store. You can showcase your products, team store and more with video to stand-out amongst your competitors.

                Customers do not just buy services and products anymore; they buy stories. Video allows you to tell your story and elevate your relationship to an entirely new, emotional level.

                Our expert video production team shoots videos with the assistance of one of the most advanced video recording drones in the industry. We create SEO-optimized videos that are placed on your site, as well as on social media like Facebook and YouTube and in ads. We manage scriptwriting, location scouting, motion graphics, editing and placement.

                VIDEO ADVERTISING

                If you have great videos but no audience to show them to, or the audience you have is irrelevant and unresponsive, VIB can help. Our Video Advertising Specialists can take your video advertising results to the next level. We use your data to build ad campaigns that get your video in front of the right people at the right time.

                We advertise on the most popular video platforms including YouTube and Google Ads. Video Advertising results are verified monthly with a report.

                CONTENT MARKETING

                Content is King – without copywriting based on the right data and SEO, no matter if your service and product is the best, there is a good chance that your content will not be found easily by many. Content is one of the most important parts of a successful marketing campaign. You need the right message paired with the right content to ensure your getting the most out of your time and investment.

                You have come this far, do not sacrifice your gains by taking the easy path. We have created content for companies in a range of industries. Our professional copywriters have been creating content for over 20 years. Let our proven knowledge and expertise put your success on the fast track. We perform extensive industry and SEO research for all content creation to ensure premium results.


                Reviews can make or break your company. Polish and protect your online reputation with our Online Reputation Management service. Companies with more reviews get more customers and spend less doing so. Our Proven Online Reputation Management Experts will manage your digital presence and customer relationships.

                We create and manage review funnels for your business and manage the rare unsatisfied customers to mitigate bad reviews that can harm your company and profits. Our Online Reputation Management service utilizes specialized software to amplify your review generation, review monitoring, and review response publishing capabilities, and streamline your online review system to drastically increase your incoming reviews and the value of your brand.


                Amazon is an amazing opportunity and a huge website full of customers that offers great reward if you know what you are doing. There is no room for error. A poorly managed Amazon Marketing campaign can quickly sink a company. Our Proven Amazon Marketing Specialists formulate winning, data-driven strategies that ensure you’re getting maximum targeted traffic and sales.

                Our Amazon Marketing Solutions include Amazon SEO, PPC/Shopping, branding and storefront methodology to consistently produce verified results. Our Amazon Marketing System will lower your cost per conversion while increasing the value per conversion, drastically reducing your advertising cost of sales (AcoS). Amazon Marketing service includes monthly report to verify results.

                EMAIL MARKETING

                Are you sending emails to your client’s spam folders or experiencing low open rates and replies? Our Email Marketing Specialists will create engaging email marketing campaigns that don’t go to spam and motivate your audience to transact. We create newsletters, build subscriber lists, test campaigns before dissemination, use power words within your content and create curiosity gaps in emails to ensure your email marketing campaigns are optimized to the max.

                We have several different data-driven email marketing options, from basic email marketing to automated drip marketing campaigns that have personalized responses bases on the recipients’ actions, preferences, and purchases. Email marketing service includes monthly reports to verify results and ROI.


                Save time and increase your profitability and effectiveness of your marketing strategy with our proven Marketing Automation Service. Start conversations that lead to conversions with personalized messages and automated campaigns that respond to user behavior.
                Our email marketing platform tracks your leads after the click. Unlike other email service providers, we offer detailed analytics on every interaction – so you can send the right message at the right time and send your sales team into action with real-time notifications. Our Marketing Automation includes the following features – email, forms, automation, visitor ID, CRM, Dynamic Landing Pages, Blogs, Marketing Analytics, Lead Tracking Across Devices, and the ability to manage Social Content in Context.

                Our Proven Marketing Automation Experts work with the following Marketing Automation Platforms: SharpSpring, HubSpot, Marketo and Pardot. Our Marketing Automation service includes monthly reports to verify results and ROI.

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                Now more than ever you must take action to ensure you are found when it matters most. Our proven and highly skilled SEO specialists know how to get you on top of the first page and keep you there.


                Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing Services

                Maximize Profits and Reach in the Most Efficient Manner Possible | Increase Engagement and Search Results

                The Online Marketing Industry is experiencing phenomenal growth. U.S. businesses spend over $110 billion on digital advertising yearly- according to eMarketer. Your competition is spending their time and resources actively trying to acquire your market share. Your old strategy and advertising methodology may not be enough to make you stand out, stay on top and thrive during these chaotic times. You need a professional strategy and expertly managed marketing campaigns.

                Protect your market share and company’s future with intelligent, verifiable, data-driven marketing. Without a strong digital marketing foundation and ongoing marketing system tuning based on analytical cues, your future is bleak and full of unknowns. VIB Marketing has the knowledge and proven expertise required to take your marketing and profits to the next level and beyond in a verified manner.
                VIB Marketing’s Digital Marketing Services save you time, money, headaches and resources. Enhance and manage your brand’s digital presence, brand identity, and reputation. We practice the 5 D’s of Digital Marketing: Digital Devices, Digital Platforms, Digital Media, Digital Data, and Digital Technology to maximize your ROI in a data-driven, verified manner.

                We map your customers journey and identify and activate your customer’s touchpoints. We track and verify your results and continuously tune your campaigns based on your analytics and conversion data. We increase user engagement, improve the user experience (UX) and tune the user interface (UI).

                Our strategic campaigns that are designed for long-term growth, increased profitability, and reduced dependence on paid advertising with time. Our campaigns are precision-targeted and guided by data to intelligently learn with the help of AI and machine learning.
                Nearly 42% of Marketing Pros find that lack of high-quality data is the biggest obstacle to growth and efficiently acquiring high quality leads – based on a study published by BrightTalk. VIB Marketing prides itself on its consistently proven data-driven system. Partner with VIB Marketing today and secure your market share and future. Focus on what you do best and leave the Marketing Solutions to the pros at VIB Marketing.

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