Avoid Common Marketing Mistakes That Make a Good Business go Bad 

This year we encountered a lot of changes to organic search engine ranking algorithms, the biggest one being Google’s “Penguin.” These changes included greater penalties for not delivering a mobile or responsive website, slow website loading times, poor/few backlinks, keyword-rich domains, and abuse of Meta tags (also known as keyword stuffing).

Many companies’ organic ranking was greatly diminished because they weren’t proactive or quick to respond to these changes, or because they were working with ill-educated/complacent marketing companies. Unfortunately, not reacting resulted in reduced sales and profits.

In order to navigate the turbulent, ever-changing online waters, it is essential that you work with a proven agency like VIB to ensure that you don’t get caught in Algorithimageddon. We are proud to say that 100% of our clients were aware of and positioned for the algorithm changes before they took effect.

If you haven’t reacted to these algorithm changes yet, it’s not too late! Here are a few essential steps to avoid search engine penalties:

  1. Redesign your website with a mobile-friendly, responsive theme.
  2. Optimize your page load times.
  3. Use relevant Meta tags and descriptions that contain rich, long tailed key words, but apply them sparingly and strategically in order to gain free organic clicks and higher conversion rates.
  4. Create strong back-links on reputable, relevant, high traffic sites like Facebook and Twitter. Social media advertising is great and easy way to obtain high quality backlinks.
  5. Last but not least, never stop diversifying your marketing channels and multi-faceted campaigns.

Once all of the steps mentioned above have been completed, it is essential to drive more potential customers to your website with social media, AdWords, blogs, newsletters, print and radio advertising, smart back link placement, direct mail, and email campaigns. Remember, marketing is an art not a science, which is another reason you want to work with an established and proven marketing company like VIB.

The first stages of initiating a marketing campaign can easily be the costliest.  Don’t spend more on acquiring high quality data than you have to. Sometimes, by trying to save by going with a novice and unproven marketing company, you end up paying way more, not to mention the compounded cost of lost opportunities.  In most cases, especially when you are engaging in a new market with limited data, we can quickly obtain the data you need to exploit your market to the very fullest with a series of small, controlled marketing and advertising experiments.

When you work with VIB, we provide expert guidance with free consultations. VIB Marketing Agency is a top Google Certified Google Partner that has been engaged in all facets of digital marketing since the inception of the webpage.  Also, we are a Google Community representative for the “Get Your Business on the Map” program. We can verify your business and get you on the map for FREE!

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If you have any questions about search engine marketing, algorithm changes or any marketing challenge, I am always just a Skype away!

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