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Why Do You Need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Today and into the foreseeable future, the Internet is the primary channel your potential customers use to search for the products and services you provide. Whether your goal is to help them find your location, fill out a contact form, or make a purchase, the Internet search browser is likely the first touchpoint your potential customers will use on the journey to hopefully find you. To ensure that your website is the first high-quality site your customers find in their search requires search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure your website is satisfying that organic ranking algorithms that search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing utilize to organically rank websites in the search results on their browsers.

What is SEO? 

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is the optimization of your onsite and offsite digital presence to satisfy search engine ranking algorithm requirements, which increases your website’s organic ranking, traffic, conversion ability and profitability/ROI. Our SEO Service focuses on your site’s content, user experience (UX), user interface (UI) and offsite treatments such as backlinking, Web 2.0, and increasing users’ perception of your site’s popularity, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority. Offsite SEO, also known as Off-page SEO, is actions our SEO specialists implement outside of your site to increase your organic rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Our proven SEO specialists have helped hundreds of companies stay on top of the first page with our SEO Services. Being that Google and the other search engines keep their ranking algorithms confidential, there is great reward in dealing with an SEO agency like VIB. Due to the many clients we have successfully helped with SEO, we have a deep understanding and knowledge of the most recent SEO algorithm changes and requirements. Let our deep proven experience and marketing system put you on the fast track to success and premium, verified ROI.

Our proven SEO system consistently delivers optimum ranking, traffic and ROI in a verified manner. We utilize analytics and other action-tracking codes to tune strategy and content to ensure your campaigns adapt to the present needs of the market and continue to produce above-average results/ROI.  Each month we provide a report to show your movement towards the top for the target keywords, earning you that coveted market share. Our team employs a modern, proven SEO strategy that includes deep research and understanding of your industry, needs and customer segments, creating strategic, targeted long-tailed keyword lists and creating content that amplifies the pace at which you climb to the top and acquire more market share, reach, conversions and profit.

How Does VIB’s SEO Service Work?

First in order to explain how our SEO service works, we will explain how Search engines operate.  Search engines use search bots often referred to as “crawlers” to scan the entire Internet and accumulate all the relevant content and information possible on each subject or search possible to create an index. The indexes contain all websites for a specific service, product or topic that are ranked by how well they satisfy the requirements of the organic ranking algorithm. Some of the variables that factor into the ranking algorithm are mentions of keywords (long tailed and short), back links, bounce rate, time spent on page, value of content, etc. Sites within the index are awarded a ranking score that determines their placement in search results on search engines like Google. How well a site’s characteristics and visitor experience meet the requirements of the ranking algorithm determines if it will be on top of the first page or on the last spot of the 1,000th page.

Search engines like Google want the people who use them to find what they are looking for and have the best search experience possible. They use the ranking algorithms and ranking indexes to achieve this. When a user opens a search engine like Google and enters a search query such as “electrician near me,” the search engine displays all the websites of electricians near you.  The websites you see are all ranked based on how well their onsite and offsite content, links and user experience meets the requirements of the ranking algorithms. A competitor having one more mention of a keyword than you may be all it takes for your competitor’s website to rank higher and their business acquire your market share.

That is where VIB’s SEO service makes the difference and saves the day. Our SEO specialists use data and expertise to create strategic keyword lists, content and various types of links to satisfy the search engines ranking algorithms and increase your connections to marketplace and reach. The goal of VIB’s SEO Service is to perfectly position your website and brand on top of the first page and other touchpoints along your customer’s journey when searching for what you are selling or other relevant information and content.

Search engines like Google are continuously tuning their ranking algorithms and tactics to increase the quality and security of the browsing experience for their users. If you want to keep up, it is vital to partner with a proven SEO expert like VIB that utilizes a scalable, data driven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy that is continuously tuned and monitored to ensure consistent, optimum results and ROI.

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    Now more than ever you must take action to ensure you are found when it matters most. Our proven and highly skilled SEO specialists know how to get you on top of the first page and keep you there. 


    Grow Your Company with Our Proven SEO Services

    There are over 3 billion searches every day on Google.  Competition on search is at the highest rate it’s ever been. It is more important than ever to partner with a proven SEO service provider.

    VIB’s SEO service is part of a bigger solution. We offer full-service, comprehensive, omnichannel marketing solutions that cover all the bases, including Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/Pay-Per-Click(PPC), Social Media and Automation. VIB Marketing formulates and manages all marketing efforts when you partner with us. Trusting our team to handle everything provides you with a standardized, precision-targeted marketing in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.  VIB Marketing is a proven marketing partner that is positioned to grow with you and provide data-driven marketing services and campaigns that consistently provide verified, premium results and ROI.

    Our SEO Services


    Don’t get lost in a sea of local competition. Stay on top of the search results with a local SEO strategy and plan that maximizes your local traffic and conversions.


    • Optimize Local Search
    • Tune Site Speed
    • Manage Google My Business
    • Implement Local Citations and Optimize
    • Create and Place Localized Content
    • Local Onsite and Offsite SEO
    • Local Backlinks
    • Monthly Reporting


    Our Nationwide SEO Service ensures that your website and brand rank high across the country.


    • Optimize Nationwide Search
    • Tune Site Speed
    • Manage Google My Business
    • Implement Nationwide Citations and Optimize
    • Create and Place Nation Wide Content
    • Nationwide Onsite and Offsite SEO
    • Nationwide Backlinks
    • Monthly Reporting


    Our International SEO Service ensures that your website and brand ranks high Worldwide.


    • Optimize International Search
    • Tune Site Speed
    • Implement International Citations and Optimize
    • Create and Place Standardized International Content
    • International Onsite and Offsite SEO
    • International Backlinks
    • Translations – H1 Language Tags
    • Monthly Reporting


    Drastically increase sales, clicks and conversions on your E-Commerce Website. Reduce your advertising cost and dependence on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) /Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing with our SEO Service for E-Commerce Stores.


    • Optimize Products and Descriptions
    • Tune Site Architecture
    • Tune Speed
    • Create and Place strategic content
    • Onsite and Offsite SEO
    • Backlinks
    • Enhance Brand Awareness
    • Monthly Reporting


    Our proven Technical SEO Service provides the tools and systems necessary to scale your SEO and SEO Marketing Success.


    • Complete Analysis – including Backlinks, Competitive Landscape, and Website
    • Website Migrations
    • Markup Schema
    • Optimize Images
    • Content and Backlink Strategies


    Analytics is included with all our SEO services. If you want to purchase a la carte Analytics Services, we specialize in the following.


    • Google Analytics
    • Google Tag Manager
    • User Demographic, Affinity and Behavior Data
    • Professional Data Analysis, Reporting and Actionable Insights

    Which SEO Service is the Best Fit for You?

    Over the past 20 years, VIB Marketing has worked with and successfully helped hundreds of companies stay on top of search rankings, get found and grow. Our proven SEO Specialists have gained a wealth of knowledge from all the SEO clients we have helped. We have created a proven SEO system that consistently delivers top-of-first-page ranking and above-average profits/ROI. Our team constantly monitors for changes to the ranking algorithms and tuning our system accordingly to ensure our clients stay on top and profitable.

    Whether you are a start-up looking to break through or an established company looking to take your website and SEO game to the next level and beyond in a verified, data-driven manner, our proven and passionate SEO Specialists provide the experience, knowledge and winning verified results you need to take your business to the next level and beyond.

    10 Steps to Proven SEO Service


    We have SEO down to a science. Our proven SEO system consistently delivers premium, verified results.

    Our SEO specialists will work with you to complete the following 10 steps that will ensure your SEO service efficiently reaches your goals in a verified manner.

    1. Conduct Consultation – Learn About Your Needs And Goals
    Our Proven SEO Marketing Consultants meet with you, learn your digital marketing needs, goals, and begin formulating your winning SEO strategy.

    2. Perform Site Audit
    Our proven SEO Specialists use the top software to dive deep into your website to audit and analyze content, analytics, keywords, ranking, linking, toxic backlinks and more and create a prioritized action plan that will deliver verifiable results.

    3. Perform Deep Analysis of Competition and Environment
    Our proven SEO Specialists use the top software to analyze your competition and environment to uncover opportunities to evolve content, increase rankings, acquire market share and increase the power of your value proposition. It is not uncommon for our SEO Specialists to uncover SEO opportunities that increase market share and traffic by double digits during this step.

    4. Conduct Expert Keyword Research
    Keyword research is one of the most important steps of the SEO process. Knowing what high- quality data to use when building your targeted keyword lists that guide your SEO is critical to ensure you have the correct keywords that provide the highest traffic and conversion rate at the lowest cost per conversion. We are Masters of Research and building precision targeted keyword lists that consistently deliver top SEO ranking and ROI.

    5. Create Keyword, Content and Backlink Plan
    After reviewing all of your data, our SEO Specialists create a keyword, content and backlink mapping plan that ensures you will have the most dramatic and profitable results from your SEO Service.

    6. Implementation
    After approval, our SEO Specialists implement your SEO Plan, which includes onsite and offsite actions. All changes are recorded and results are tracked.

    7. Actively Monitor and Tune SEO
    Our SEO Specialists monitor your website with Google Analytics and Search Console to uncover new opportunities and issues that need tuned. We actively monitor your data to ensure you’re expertly positioned for success.

    8. Tune SEO Plan Based on Data
    Our SEO Experts use your data to continuously tune your SEO campaign to further maximize your traffic and conversions. The refinement stage of your SEO plan based on your data ensures you thrive in the constantly changing environment in which your website and company operates.

    9. Evolve Content Based on Data
    As data comes in, our SEO Specialists uncover more opportunities for content to increase your market share and ROI. We will create high-quality, strategic content that will keep your site fresh, drive continuous traffic, and maximize conversion and profits.

    10. Evaluation, Reporting and Data-Based Tuning
    Our SEO specialists will routinely evaluate your campaigns performance, create reports with recommendations, and act on approved recommendations. We provide monthly reports that detail website ranking movements and other SEO service actions such as content creation, placement, and backlinks. Your SEO campaigns are continuously monitored, tuned, and reported on monthly to ensure a professional five-star SEO service experience for all of our clients.

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    Now more than ever you must take action to ensure you are found when it matters most. Our proven and highly skilled SEO specialists know how to get you on top of the first page and keep you there.


    Interesting SEO Stats

    93% of customers begin their journey with a Search Engine.

    75% of users do not scroll to the second page of search results.

    63% of potential customers conduct research using a search engine before deciding whether to convert/buy or not.

    86.6% of the Search Engine Market is dominated by Google.

    49% of digital marketers agree that SEO has the highest ROI of any marketing service.

    Over 200 variables are used by Google in their algorithm for ranking websites.

    The #1 result in Google acquires approximately 32% of all clicks.

    Organic Google search results that rank on top of page 1 contain an average of 1,447 words.

    The Power of Omnichannel Marketing

    SEO’s results are not instantaneous. It takes expert research, data-driven strategy, precision targeting, controlled implementation, and continuous management to achieve sustained results. After the initial strategy is formulated and prescribed, onsite and offsite treatments are implemented. It can take 3-5 months for the search engine crawlers to realize changes and update the ranking indexes.  For clients that want immediate results and ROI, and to offset the lag between action and results for the SEO service, we recommend also using our Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Service. Our SEM/PPC service provides instant results; you can be on top of the first page on the first day of service.

    Our SEO and SEM/PPC services are more effective when they work together. SEM provides instant results while the SEO starts to take effect over the course of several months. The goal of SEO is to reduce your need for SEM/PPC advertising over time due to increased organic traffic and conversions acquired ranking on top organically for free due to the power of SEO service.  One recent success story is a company we helped grow by over 400% while reducing their SEM ad/conversion spend by over 90% over the course of three years by using our SEM, SEO and website management services together at the same time.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) FAQs

    What is SEO?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing technique used to increase both the quality and quantity of internet traffic to a desired website or webpage from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO focuses on unpaid Organic traffic as opposed to Paid or Direct traffic from search engine marketing (SEM) / Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. The main goals of SEO are to elevate the organic ranking of your website to the top of the first page, thereby increasing traffic, conversions and ROI.

    Does VIB Marketing’s SEO Service work on all major search engines?

    Yes, our SEO Service works on all major search engines. Our SEO Specialists can implement and optimize your SEO Service across all major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Ask, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and more.

    Can VIB Marketing manage and optimize my Google My Business (GMB) Listing?

    We have worked closely with Google for many years, including speaking at many Google My Business and Get Your Business on The Map seminars at Chambers of Commerce, Business Expos, etc.  We have deep, proven expertise and management experience with Google My Business (GMB. We can verify, set up, and strategically manage your GMB listing and ensure your information is accurate, relevant and engaging. We increase your exposure in local search results and Google Maps and manage your reviews, promotions, events, service offerings, products and messaging to ensure your GMB stands out and motivates viewers to act.

    What Type of SEO Service Do I Need?

    The best way to determine the best SEO Service solution is to consult with an SEO Specialist. A proven SEO agency will be best suited to help you determine the best long-term SEO Service and strategy to accomplish your goals in the most effective and profitable manner possible.

    What is E-Commerce SEO?

    E-Commerce SEO is a technique used by marketing experts to dramatically enhance your site’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).  E-Commerce SEO increases the organic ranking and quality and quantity of traffic for products you sell. E-Commerce SEO provides traffic for much lower price compared to paid search (SEM/PPC).

    What is Technical SEO?

    Technical SEO is focused on aspects of User Experience (UX) and the User Interface to enhance your site’s performance and the experience it provides to your users. Our proven technical SEO experts tune your site’s speed, crawlability, enhance performance, and fix index and website errors.

    Does VIB Marketing offer other Search Engine or Digital Marketing Services?

    Yes, VIB Marketing provides a full-service omni-channel, multi-channel marketing solution that covers all the bases and provides a complete marketing campaign.  Our consistently proven, data-driven marketing solutions include website design, social media marketing, copywriting, PPC/SEM management, automation, graphic design, email blasts and traditional marketing. We have a passionate and multi-disciplined marketing team that can create winning marketing campaigns that consistently deliver verified results and optimum ROI.

    Can VIB Marketing perform an SEO Audit on my website?

    Yes, VIB Marketing can perform an SEO Audit on your website.  Based on your needs, our SEO Specialists can complete minimal or extensive SEO audits and create actionable plans based on the data.

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