Why Choose VIB Marketing Agency


We do IN MONTHS what takes others YEARS!

​We’ve managed successful Google AdWords campaigns for companies in a range of industries; helped our clients gain tens of thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter; and executed comprehensive marketing and public relations campaigns that raise brand awareness, attract customers and increase sales.

Yellow starWe approach marketing like a science: continually gathering and analyzing data, targeting, tweaking, and monitoring your campaigns.

Yellow starFrom e-blasts to blogs to all the major social networks, we’ve been involved in social marketing for over a decade.

Yellow starWe secure prominent newspaper, magazine, television and radio placement for our clients with strategic public relations and media outreach.

Yellow starOur knowledgeable and experienced marketing consultants and marketing specialists are obsessed with delivering red-carpet customer service.

Yellow starMany of our competitors rely on you to provide them with content. Isn’t that why you come to us? We take the time to fully understand your business, your industry and your objectives.

Success Stories

A software company we work with had consistently earned $100,000 in revenue over 7 years in business. In less than seven months with VIB, they earned over $1 million.​​

Another of our customers has been able to reach enough new customers to recoup more than 5x their investment in a comprehensive marketing strategy using search engine advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, client surveys, online reviews, and website management (which includes analyzing their website analytics) to drive more traffic, capture more leads and sell. On average, 10% of the site’s visitors convert into leads and potential sales.


Read what our clients say about working with VIB Marketing Agency; peruse some of the companies we work with; and get an idea of the breadth of our experience. Then give us a call and put us to work for you!

When I called VIB, I was spending $50 per click and not getting any calls. They reduced my cost-per-click by 80% and I am getting more clicks and my phone is ringing. I’ve gotten so many new customers that I’ve had to hire several new technicians to help handle all the business.

– Dave Parker, HVAC Technician, Philadelphia

My experience with VIB has been exceptional. I’ve never experienced better customer service. Rick is extremely patient with all my questions, and his team has reduced my AdWords spend while increasing qualified leads.

– Linda Fitzimon, Marketing Manager, Iowa City

My market is very competitive but VIB has helped my company stand out. Their system works.

– Mark Merritt, Insurance Agent, New York City

VIB has gone above and beyond my expectations. Google advertising has driven a marked increase in sales, and everyone at VIB has definitely gone the extra mile to help me succeed.

– Melchiorre Krauss, Medical Equipment Supplier, Jacksonville

Our Services

Connect with your customers through social media, search engine advertising, marketing collateral, press releases, promotions, and a highly searchable and professionally written website. Let us secure your place in the 22nd century and modernize your business’ message.


Our Promise

We’ll treat your Very Important Business as if it’s our own. Our marketing plans, public relations campaigns and red carpet customer service will surpass your company’s goals and expectations.